Scholar Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a scholar, columnist and a great entrepreneur and also a philanthropist. He has been on the frontline helping the needy children suffering from chronic illnesses. Eric is very passionate about what he does in life and is always ready towards ensuring that the wellness of sick children is dealt with accordingly. As a founder of Starbright World, he has really proved to the world that every problem, stigma is solvable when there are proper mechanism and efforts applied towards solving the problem. He is a very wealthy person and all this has been brought about by the invest he has done in life. He has also worked with World’s greatest foundations to ensure that the World is at peace and it is also free from diseases. He also works towards preventing chronic diseases from quick spreading and avoid future problems.

Eric Pulier is also a great investor and over his life, he has founded and co founded many companies. In fact, he has founded over 15 companies that are now worth over billions of dollars. He does not give up on his journey starting new ones. Some of his companies include TM forum, Akana, Desktone, Media Platform etc. He is also very passionate about start ups and has been on the frontline helping start-ups He has even funded the majority of them and with no doubt, he has greatly achieved. His desire towards becoming a great person is always on the move. He also works towards helping other people who have interests for growth and expansion. Eric Pulier besides being a great entrepreneur happens to be a very good business manager. He will not let you fail under his watch. He is just but a caring business starts up expert.

Eric Pulier is also a great author and this was first witnessed while he was studying literature and American English and the Havard University. He was acting as a University journalist and have written so many articles for the Havard students and stake holders to read. He has also written several articles on campus life. He is a great personality with massive experience in the field of technology. All his companies have garnered a lot of wealth that he has also distributed to the less fortunate. He is a man with a heart of helping people in need. He has his community at his heart and has lots of love for start-ups.

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