Meet Glen Wakeman: The Man behind LaunchPad Holdings

The online market is supplied with a number of business opportunities. One lucrative market is software trade. There are few firms that provide quality software planning services to entrepreneurs. LaunchPad is an exceptional firm. The brand is the leading market software corporation in the world and much of its success is attributed to the CEO and co-founder, Glen Wakeman.


Who is Glen Wakeman?


Glen is an established financial executive, investor, and business owner. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings. He possesses more than 25 years of financial business experience (NewsSky). Glen is very passionate about building the right business. He focuses on setting the right business standards by employing effective methodology. His style of management focuses on 5 vital elements of performance, namely:

LeadershipHuman capitalExecutionGovernance

  • Leadership- This is through effective management
  • Human capital- Through the alignment of the company’s vision and business strategy
  • Execution- Through the integration of people and technology
  • Risk management- Through the minimization of business risks
  • Governance- Through the provision of an enabling and constructive work environment.

Before LaunchPad, Glen founded Nova Four, where he served as president. He is also recorded to have worked at GE Capital.

Glen and LaunchPad Holdings

At LaunchPad, Glen facilitates effective running of the brand’s software business. Early-stage business individuals can arrange their business ideas into plans that are workable. So far, the company is enjoying a rising impressive growth curve. The running of LaunchPad Toolkit is enhanced by a library kit and recommendations that guide the entrepreneurs in using the business software provided by the firm (

The software program was founded on the basis of matching money and ideas. As the founder of LaunchPad, Glen has lived to see his company achieve great business milestones on the global front. He is actively involved in the mentoring of a number of C-Level business executives.


Overall, Glen Wakeman is an accomplished investor and business owner. His years of financial experience make him effective in the running of LaunchPad. He is very instrumental in respect to the software brand’s rising market trend and growth.