Scholar Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a scholar, columnist and a great entrepreneur and also a philanthropist. He has been on the frontline helping the needy children suffering from chronic illnesses. Eric is very passionate about what he does in life and is always ready towards ensuring that the wellness of sick children is dealt with accordingly. As a founder of Starbright World, he has really proved to the world that every problem, stigma is solvable when there are proper mechanism and efforts applied towards solving the problem. He is a very wealthy person and all this has been brought about by the invest he has done in life. He has also worked with World’s greatest foundations to ensure that the World is at peace and it is also free from diseases. He also works towards preventing chronic diseases from quick spreading and avoid future problems.

Eric Pulier is also a great investor and over his life, he has founded and co founded many companies. In fact, he has founded over 15 companies that are now worth over billions of dollars. He does not give up on his journey starting new ones. Some of his companies include TM forum, Akana, Desktone, Media Platform etc. He is also very passionate about start ups and has been on the frontline helping start-ups He has even funded the majority of them and with no doubt, he has greatly achieved. His desire towards becoming a great person is always on the move. He also works towards helping other people who have interests for growth and expansion. Eric Pulier besides being a great entrepreneur happens to be a very good business manager. He will not let you fail under his watch. He is just but a caring business starts up expert.

Eric Pulier is also a great author and this was first witnessed while he was studying literature and American English and the Havard University. He was acting as a University journalist and have written so many articles for the Havard students and stake holders to read. He has also written several articles on campus life. He is a great personality with massive experience in the field of technology. All his companies have garnered a lot of wealth that he has also distributed to the less fortunate. He is a man with a heart of helping people in need. He has his community at his heart and has lots of love for start-ups.

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Wen by Chaz is a Cost Effective and Efficient Way to Resolve All Hair Issues

There are a lot of things that can affect the condition of someone’s hair. Even women who do not use styling products or products that process their hair could still have issues with dryness or lack of body due to the environmental conditions they live in. Humidity can play havoc with a woman’s hair, often leaving it limp or frizzy. A woman’s own internal body composition could also affect the type of hair they have. Some women have naturally oily hair while others have naturally dry or thin hair.

Trying to find shampoos and conditioners that effectively treat the different issues women have with their hair could be time consuming and expensive. Many women try to control the condition of their hair using sprays, gels and mousse products, which add to their overall expense. It is more efficient and cost effective to use a single product to add body, shine and volume to hair.

One Simple Product

According to his Wiki profile, Chaz Dean drew upon his years of experience dealing with the issues women had with their hair when he created the Wen line of products. Since most hair issues dealt with lack of moisture he decided to incorporate real plant extracts into the formulas he used for his line of Wen products. He also created his cleansers to include conditioning agents to eliminate the stripping away of oil.

Since the Wen hair by Chaz cleansing conditioners,, contain elements that clean hair and elements that condition it, hair is left in better condition after using the product. Mr. Dean also created his line of products to target the specific issues women experience, so each formula is made to address the areas where a woman needs the most help. Regardless of what hair issue a woman might be battling, there is a Wen by Chaz formula available to treat it.

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Turn Off Your Lights With Your Smart Phone Using Gooee LEDs

Gooee IoT lighting offers not only more eco friendly and wallet friendly options for lighting a residence, but also makes lighting fun! People have become so used to their incandescent light bulbs turning on and off with a switch and providing the same color and level of light at all times.

The other good thing about LED lighting besides it’s affordability and eco friendliness, is it’s versatility. LED bulbs like the ones made by Gooee have wireless and bluetooth capabilities making it possible to have endless fun and options with the lighting. LEDs like Gooee IoT light bulbs and sockets are the future of lighting for smart homes because they can be controlled by many devices people are already regularly using.

When the bulbs can be connected to a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, the lights can be controlled remotely so one can dim and shut off their bedroom chandelier without leaving bed. That forgotten kitchen light left on can be switched off while sitting in bed on the tablet.

LED lightbulbs can also come with a full color range making it possible to warm up the light of an otherwise rather cool light given off by an LED. It is also possible to turn the lights bright purple, deep red, or green for any given reason. The light intensity can also be changed so on those cold and early winter mornings, waking up can be made easier by changing the light intensity to brighter.

WEN By Chaz For A More Healthy Hair

Chaz Dean created WEN over 16 years ago with the aim of providing hair care products for a shinier, stronger, manageable, and healthy looking hair. The WEN hair conditioners and shampoos are sulfate-free, an ingredient found in most shampoos. WEN has a five-in-one hair cleansing conditioner that takes the place of a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. The WEN hair cleansing conditioner is available in different fragrances including sweet almond mint, fig, tea tree, pomegranate, cucumber aloe, and lavender.

How to use the cleansing conditioner

While cleaning the hair, use 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium length, and 34-32 for long hair. Apply to the scalp and hair while splashing some water to distribute the cleansing conditioner to all parts of the hair. Massage the cleansing conditioner on to the scalp leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Washing the hair using WEN products leaves the hair shinier, fuller, and softer.

Positive review from a user:

One user attested to the great results on the hair on an article published at Bustle. Emily McClure heard about WEN by Chaz Dean ( and decided to try out the fig version of the hair cleansing conditioner. Her thin hair experienced significant changes after one day of use. During use, she noted that very few strands of hair fell during the shower in addition to the improvement of the hair thickness.

After continued use of the products for a week, she realized that the hair was more shiny and bouncy. It was also easier to develop long-lasting waves in a very short period. She, however, noted that her strands became a bit more oily and unmanageable if she skipped washing her hair. Therefore, it is advisable to use the WEN cleansing conditioner on a daily basis to avoid extremely oily hair. Her friends also noted a general improvement on the shine on the hair.

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Labaton Sucharw Client Clinches Top Award As Firm Records Greater Achievement

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that has been operational for over 50 years serving clients from the U.S and overseas. They have been working with clients from different specialties who are faced by problems that require commercial litigation support. Labaton Sucharow is also recognized as the first U.S. law firm to come up with a service dedicated to advocating for whistleblowers who present information to the SEC. Since 2010, Labaton Sucharow has worked with clients with different facts about securities violations and most of them have received payouts amounting to millions.

One of the most recent achievements that Labaton Sucharow celebrates is the victory one of their clients achieved after getting a payout of over $17 million in a case that involved individuals in the financial services industry. This is one of the most difficult industries to pursue legal action and those with details about the violations could not match forward due to the fear that comes with dealing with influential individuals.

However, the Labaton Sucharow client displayed a great deal of confidence when he approached the issue head on and presented high quality facts that showed violations in the financial industry. It is through these facts that the SEC was able to issue a high payout. The sanction amount was also high due to the crimes committed by the perpetrators.

According to Jordan Thomas, an experienced SEC Whistleblower attorney and the chair of Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation Practice, the whistleblower showed a lot of confidence and there is likelihood more individuals with similar facts will match forward to report about violations in other industries. In coming years, it is anticipated more individuals will share valuable information that will expose wrong doings in other areas and this will help the SEC in the fight against securities violations.

About the SEC Program
The SEC Whistleblower Program was born in 2010 as part of the Dodd-Frank Amendment that strengthened the Consumer Protection Act. The amendment came in with different additions to the laws that have allowed whistleblowers to have easy time when reporting or sharing vital information about securities violations.

For instance, SEC whistleblowers are allowed to report anonymously and there is provision that can allow them to present their facts from overseas locations. These laws have made it easier for those with evidence about violations to approach the SEC and the reward system has motivated more whistleblowers to come out. The SEC Whistleblower Program has been issuing rewards amounting to at least 10 percent of the sanction amount collected from perpetrators.

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3 Tips For College Basketball Betting

College basketball has become one of the favorites of sports bettors across the country. The action and the atmosphere are just one reason. But it is the sheer amount of games that are on per week that really attracts the sports bettor.

With over 200 teams to choose from, many sports bettors can easily find a NCAAB game that meets their criteria. By contrast, with so many teams to consider, sportsbooks are bound to make a mistake. When you find one of these mistakes, pounce on it. This is why getting up-to-date betting odds and information is crucial.

But there are a few maxims to consider before you wager any of your hard earned money on college basketball odds.

1. Home Court Advantage Matters
The home court advantage is even bigger in the college game than in the pros. You have to remember, many of these players are just teenagers and some come from very small towns. Being away from their home court could have serious effects on NCAAB players. Think about this before laying money on the visitors.

2.Rebounding And Defense
One of the factors that counts more in a college basketball game is rebounding and defense. If a team is obviously superior in rebounding, the could be a good bet. The reason behind this is the fact that there are more missed shots in college than in the pros. The team that can gather more of those loose balls is more likely to win the game.

A team’s motivation can go a long way to determine the outcome of a game. Do not take this lightly. This factor comes up especially in non-conference games. Many times it is the small school who shows up with a chip on their shoulder and are determined to make a statement. Getting a victory over a much bigger school could also help their tournament eligibility. Keep an eye out for these types of games during November and December.

With these tips and some good information about sports betting odds, you can increase your chances of being a winner by the time March Madness rolls around. Once the season is in full swing you should be checking sites like on a daily basis. They offer some of the freshest basketball betting odds and this can make a huge difference in your winning percentage.

George Soros to Donate Half a Billion to Aid Immigrant and Refugee Businesses

George Soros has experience as a refugee. As a young man, when most kids are looking forward to graduating from high school, he escaped the communist regime of his native Hungary and landed in England. And, before the Soviet Union forced a puppet government on onto Hungary in the wake of World War II, Soros, a Jew, survived the Nazis. His family managed to escape the Holocaust death camps.

Soros is now an advocate for immigration reform in both Europe and the United States, championing his vision of an Open Society Foundations. In London, he worked many jobs to support himself. He gained entrance to the London School of Economics, and worked for the finance industry in both London and Wall Street before founding his own hedge fund, the Quantum Fund, which has made him extraordinarily wealthy. He ranks number 23 on the Forbes list of richest people in the world. Although famous among traders since the 70s, he became famous to the general public when he forced the Bank of England to devalue the pound. That one trade alone made him $10 billion.

According to Politico, Soros announced he planned to donate $500,000 to businesses owned by migrants and refugees. He wrote an op-ed piece published in The Wall Street Journal. In it, he pointed out that the failure of countries to handle the flow of people across borders brought intense human misery. This was true both in the countries they are escaping from and the countries they are fleeing to. When their value is not used, they are living lives of “idle despair.” The host countries could benefit from integrating them into their systems, but too often they don’t.

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Soros agreed that the primary role belonged to government, but also said the private sector could also fill a critical need. The Obama administration recently called on companies in the United States to play a larger role in relieving the problem of immigration. That made Soros decide to donate a large chunk of his money to help out. He will put that money into investments that address the needs of migrants and refugees.

He says he will consider a broad range of these investments: established companies and startups, initiatives with social impact and businesses run by the migrants and refugees themselves. They will cover various sectors on, including digital technology businesses. Right now, his main concern is with the refugees going into Europe, but he’s looking for ways to help them all around the world.

He says his investments are intended to make a profit. He wants to show the refugees and migrants that private capital can help them. He will work with such groups as the International Rescue Committee and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. And he hopes that his example will inspire other companies and investors to join him.


How Chapstick Lost the Battle to Lip Balm Upstart EOS

For a long time now, purchasing lip balm meant seeking a doctor’s advice before walking into a supermarket or a drug store. The sticks felt complete, clinical with a better ingredient on their listings. You could skip the tasteless if you wanted to go wild. Spring and cherry flavor were the most favorite. For the past seven years, EOS pastel-colored orbs popped up into the market. They took over spaces on Lucky Vitamin, Walmart, ULTA, Walgreens, and Target. Allure and Cosmo beauty editors got hungrier for the staff like grapefruit and honey dew.

EOS lip balm products, the acronym for the full names of the corporation, are all over fashion and beauty magazines. However, the founders of the firm have not released their business plan and strategy. They revealed their profit of over $250 million annually in a whole interview with the company’s CEO. According to the research and consultation firm, they are the best-selling balm in America.

Kline Research explains that the firm has driven growth through the introduction of oral care. The sell more than a million products weekly. They are prospecting to sell over $2 billion products in the future. They are specialized in demand-driven original products that catch the sight of the market.

Sanjiva Mehta, EOS CEO and co-founder, explains that it is not necessary to build up information on a deliberate environment. For a start-up company, they focused on product attention and necessary things that consumers want in a brand. They value their customers. However, she spent her career in marketing packaged goods for Unilever and Pepsi.

The brand struck her as a potential candidate to foster innovation on products. For this reason, she was appointed as the distinguishable product marketer. Most brands appear to drive customers by cutting production costs. Consumers do not worry much about cost. However, their main concern is about the quality of products.


Flocku helps Brands get the Elusive Attention of the Millenials

In our today world, Millennials have become the target customers for most brands. This is attributable to them being many in numbers and having a spending capacity of $200 billion. Most brands believe that getting the attention of Millennials will not only assist them to have the largest share of customers, but it will also help them set the stage for life-long relevance. The brands’ efforts to woo the demographic have not been without challenges with the most apparent being the Millennials’ specific expectations. The only way to overcome this would be for the brands to know how to speak the language of the Millennials and grasp what they are looking for in the brands.
Whereas some companies might find the above strategy easy to implement, others like B2B focused firms and manufacturing industries might find it to be an uphill task. According to Brian Stutter, Director of Marketing for System ID, the demographics’ knowledge in the products they are being sold to is the chief cause of the difficulty in penetrating the Millennials’ market. He also believes that the constant change in their language makes it difficult to keep up. In his opinion, the brands will have to come up with robust and smart content strategy to have the ability to communicate with the demographic.
Thanks to Josh Verne, brands now have a way to learn about Millennials through Flocku. The website provides a forum through which college students can speak to their peers by exchanging content. Brands that tap the platform get to have access to all that goes through a Millennials’ mind consequently understanding what they need. Flocku also helps brands pass vital information to Millennials through the website. Since Millennials are the writers of content in Flocku, seeking its help gets brands advice on the proper content and tone choice to use to get the message across.
About Josh Verne
Josh Verne is the CEO and founder of Flocku, LLC. This is a website where you can get to read content posted by college students for college students. He is also the founder of This was a voluntary employee benefit that gave individuals the ability to buy goods and pay in installments. Verne sold Workpays in 2015.
Josh has also worked for Home Line Furniture where he served as its president from 1995 to 2011. The firm was in the business of supplying home furnishings in the United States. Home Line Furniture has been in operation for over forty years.

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A Massive Business Overhaul

Billy McFarland is an entrepreneurial genius whose work has only recently received the Limelight that it deserves. Interesting fact about McFarland is the idea that he is only 23 years old and has only recently joined the business Market. Billy McFarland originally started as a college student, but ended up dropping out in order to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. His contribution to society is in the form of both a discount and Social Network program called Magnises.

The program allows membership for all interested individuals, and provides discounted prices on different events and activities such as bars, restaurants, cruises and concerts to name a few. Wendy’s discounts might seem attractive to normal everyday consumers their potential for the business world is endless.

Many business meetings take place in these locations, and can normally cost salespeople hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the Avenue they look towards. According to The Guardian, this particular discount program that Billy McFarland has created is a perfect complement to any business need.

The program is very simple at its core, relying upon the use of a metal discount card. The discount card is used in the same way as a normal credit card does, being used as a form of payment tender at a particular location where is a service is performed.

The card is linked directly to a bank account that the member owns and the discounted amount is taken out of the overall price before payment is made to the account. This is a big deal for companies across the United States as it means a lot of money can be saved on business meetings and applied in other areas of their corporation

By creating this particular program, McFarland has in essence created a revolutionary way to solve the economic crisis within the United States. While the effects of the program may seem margininal it should not be ignored and should in fact be utilized by corporations domestically and internationally as well in order to see an exponential increase in potential company profit.